Merle is an interdisciplinary self-empowerment educator who has always been interested in what liberates us and the journey of our lives. After living in Europe for a while, she traveled for twelve months around the world in a west/east direction, experiencing different cultures and traditions. During her travels, in Bali and Papua New Guinea she witnessed embodied expression by hundreds of indigenous people. At the end of her travels she reflected on how she viewed herself in the world and her interest in the mind and body relationship. The human potential movement was a welcoming door for her. She later became a body and creative arts therapist. Now she could synthesize her work to make a difference to people’s lives. She developed multi-disciplinary programs focused on reversing self-imposed limitations which holds us back from being who we truly are while exploring the relationship between the mind, body and creative imagination. Using the fundamentals of creativity and movement based expressive practices. She introduces an abundance of creative tools to her students to live from a deeper wisdom by tapping their inner resources. She teaches and presents her work internationally.

During her journey around the globe this led her to work with leading companies including: 
AIKE Centre – Arbeitskreis fur individuele ond kollektive emanzipation (Austria), Skyros Centre (Greece), Mandala Senter for Helhet (Norway), Black Mime Theatre (London), Instituto Wilhelm Reich (Mexico), Instituto Venezolano de Bioenergetica (Venezuela), Universitetet I Trodheim (Norway), Centrum for Psykosyntes and Kreativ Kommunikation( Sweden), Skandinaviska Institutet for Uttryckande Konst ( Sweden), Rogaland School of Art (Norway), Nordic Black Theatre (Norway), Ängsbacka Kursgård (Sweden).

She also met many remarkable teachers and individuals, either in person or through the legacy of their work, who have had an influence on her learning and unfolding of her practice. Her sources are diverse.
Her training with Anna Halprin.
Her training with Gerda Boyesen.
The writings of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen .
Through training and writings of Gabriele Roth. 
Gabrielle Roth
Through her trainings with Augusto Boal.
The writings of Bell Hooks
The writings of Maya Angelou

 “As we tap into the deep sources of bodily  wisdom through creative art expression, we dance the renewal, recreation, and healing of ourselves and our world.” Anna Halprin

The leadership of Desmond Tutu in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.