Artist Statement

I have always been fascinated by the way we express ourselves and the transformative power of artistic expression. I grew up on an island where carnival is celebrated annually and embodied expression is understood by all. After many years as a cardiac nurse I felt my artist within pressing to be released, I terminated my nursing career and studied photography. Travel is my greatest passion, after living in Europe for a while, I purchased a round-the-world ticket and a backpack and travelled for twelve months in a west/east direction, experiencing different cultures and traditions, and taking photographs. It’s been a growth experience which nourished my soul.

During my travels I experienced fearless birds and animals on the Galapagos Islands. In Mexico I attended the day of the dead celebrations in Patzcuaro when loved ones are remembered, and Semana Santa the Silent Parade of statues of the saints through the streets of Oaxaca at Easter. In Bali I lived with a family and attended village song and dance events. In Papua New Guinea I attended the Goroka Show amongst hundreds of tribes singing and dancing in celebration of their harvest. Experiencing the free expression of indigenous communities, I appreciated even more how through song and dance we stay connected to our ancestors and pass on our heritage. The richness of physical and spontaneous expression was a delight to witness and very refreshing.

I see life as my primary teacher. At the end of my travels I felt a strong shift to return home within, reflecting on how I viewed myself in the world and my interest in the mind and body relationship. On my return to Europe I became aware of the profound effect those travel experiences had on me. Feeling the need to peel off any lingering layers of limitations and to engage with my demons, the human potential movement was a welcoming door for me.

I later became a body and creative arts therapist and trained in Butoh dance. Now I could synthesize my fascination with the body in expression and my therapy trainings and wanted to contribute something to make a difference to people’s lives. I developed cross-disciplinary programs focusing on reversing perceived and self-imposed limitations which holds us back from being who we truly are while exploring the relationship between the mind, body and creative imagination.