Youth Training

~ empowering young people

At a time when life holds great promise between childhood and adult life, through the power of art, courses offer participants opportunities to gain an understanding of themselves while developing a strong self-awareness, raised aspiration and self-confidence to navigate life’s transitions, creating bridges to what matters deeply and to turn their dreams into reality. By tapping internal resources, courses offer an interdisciplinary approach to learning and a framework to express what is felt but often has no words to empower young people age 15-25 toward positive self-direction.

In a safe, structured and caring environment courses employ a variety of creative activities such as dance, visual arts, voice work, story-telling, creative writing, role play, communication skills and team building which reflect the perspective of person-centred learning while educating the whole person.

There is something for everyone to harness and realise their potential to improve their relationship with themselves and others. A buddying system ensures that participants have the support they need.