People of colour

Using an integrated approach to creative expression, participants gain a greater understanding of their lives, their racial and cultural belonging while developing self-confidence, and raised self-esteem to reach their full potential. Creative activities are used to explore and deepen their relationship with themselves, their race, and their world, reducing isolation while developing an embodied sense of presence in daily life and instilling self-pride. They are offered creative tools to live from a deeper wisdom by tapping inner resources for self-care, self-preservation, change, and empowerment, as they reconnect with their inner wise guide that knows best and has the potential to heal. Creativity is the deepest level of who we are and brings clarity and understanding. When words are not enough, it allows us to find another language to say the unsayable as we unpack the unfinished business to be truly free and driven from within in celebration of who we are.

Activities focus on reversing limitations while releasing the bindings of oppression which are held in the body and holds us back from being who we truly are. Our security and support system is anchored in the body and facilitates unanswered questions, as our body is our most valuable asset which holds our history, memories, uniqueness, and completeness.

Who for: For people who wish to live from a deeper level.
Duration: This is a twelve weeks course.
Details: For details please get in touch via the Contact page.


“Nothing can be changed unless it is faced”.  James Baldwin