Welcome to Rehearsal for Change

Merle Van den Bosch is an Expressive Arts Educator whose approach has evolved out of over 30 years of professional practice. An internationally recognised movement teacher using expressive arts as tools for change. In the 1980s she developed her cross-disciplinary course offering effective skills to focus on reversing self-imposed limitations which holds us back from being who we truly are while exploring the relationship between the mind, body and creative imagination. Using the fundamentals of creativity and movement-based expressive practices. She introduces creative tools to her students to live from a deeper wisdom by tapping their inner resources. She works with teams, groups, and individuals. Merle is a Registered Movement Therapist, RMT, and Registered Somatic Movement Therapist with ISMETA. In her spare time she takes photographs.

 She has conducted workshops at leading organisations including:
AIKE Centre – Arbeitskreis fur individuele ond kollektive emanzipation (Austria), Skyros Centre (Greece), Mandala Senter for Helhet (Norway), Black Mime Theatre (London), Organization Quetzal (Guatemala), Instituto Wilhelm Reich (Mexico), Instituto Venezolano de Bioenergetica (Venezuela), The Actors Centre (London), University of Surrey (England), Universitetet I Trodheim (Norway), Centrum for Psykosyntes and Kreativ Kommunikation (Sweden), Skandinaviska Institutet for Uttryckande Konst (Sweden), Rogaland School of Art (Norway), Nordic Black Theatre (Norway), Ängsbacka Kursgård (Sweden).



 “As we tap into the deep sources of bodily  wisdom through creative art expression, we dance the renewal, recreation, and healing of ourselves and our world.” Anna Halprin