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In conversation with Merle
Empowered from within

Happily I will be returning to London for a series of free evening conversations in the spring followed by workshops. I am looking forward to this special opportunity to meet with you all to share in conversation on a topic that is close to our hearts.
What do you really want? what does empowered from within mean for you? what are the obstacles which stops you from being true to yourself ?  These are some of the questions I am interested in dialoguing with you about and exploring together more deeply. Life is our ultimate teacher, and our bodies are our most valuable asset which carries our sense of being. I will attempt to meet you right where you are. Within each individual is the ability to shape their own life. In times of challenges often this innate ability is hampered. Our creativity is our deepest level, it allows us the freedom to say the unsayable. Empowered from within is for those who want to find another language for expression.

Join us for tools and strategies to tackle the tough stuff of self-empowerment and making an investment in you.

22 February
25 April
30 May
Time:  6-9pm
Collective Temperance
110 Hampstead Rd, NW1 2LS
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Rehearsal For change™
Our bodies hold our life experiences. When we sing, dance and make music we stay connected to our personal history gaining insights from the past to fuel the future. Rehearsal For change™ reflect the perspective of person centred learning while educating the whole person. Using combined arts which stimulates the boundaries of the imagination, participants are guided to see with their senses, explore their passion and tap their unique inner resources. They gain skills for new modes of expression as they return to the wisdom of the body to find true meaning to their lives. Using creative expression as a step towards self-empowerment, emphasis is placed on reversing self-imposed limitations which block authenticity and holds us back from our full potential. Rehearsal For change™ is for those seeking meaning and another language for expression to reach their full potential. Activities include body awareness, authentic movement, dance, visual arts, and voice theatre.

not a collection of skills but an eradication of blocks”. Jerzy Grotowski

Workshops are designed for everyone. No previous experience in dance or art is needed.

What they say:
“I discovered the potential I have, thanks for setting me free”  – Ashley, Skyros centre, Greece
“This course has allowed me to get to know my own limitations which stop me from using what I have” –
Kari, Norway
“The course made me feel free. I am thankful that you helped me closer home”
– Lone, Norway

Cambridge, England  October 21 – 23
Empowering from within
Through creative art work and an exploration of the wisdom of the body, this workshop offers a multitude of mirrors and tools to stimulate self-empowerment.

Guatemala City, November 11 -13
Awakening the Creative
The goal of this workshop is free expression, with emphasis on the creative process. It is an opportunity to embrace your path and confidently follow it.

Cancun, Mexico  November 18 – 20
Body and Soul
In this workshop participants use their bodies and voices as vehicles of creative expression. Emphasis is placed on articulating the language of the body and discovering the power of the voice.

Insurgentes, Mexico City  November  25 – 27
Collective Creativity
In this workshop you will explore ways of creating together and experience the power of artful collaboration.

Oaxaca, Mexico December 2 – 4
Coming Home
This workshop introduces a variety of opportunities that can release limiting patterns,
approaching creative expression from the inside free of specific techniques from the outside.

Petapa, Guatemala  January 29 – 31 
Body and Soul
In this workshop participants use their bodies and voices as vehicles of creative expression. Emphasis is placed on articulating the language of the body and discovering the power of the voice.

Guatemala City, Guatemala  February 19 – 21
Celebrate You
This is an opportunity to listen and discover the richness of the body while exploring your natural creativity and gain tools for transformation and change.

Workshops and courses
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