The Work

I developed Rehearsal For Change™ over the past 30 years, which is an integrated approach to self-expression and is informed by traditions which are focused on the wisdom of the body. Notable influences include training with Anna Halprin at the Tamalpa Institute in San Francisco the internationally renowned training centre for movement-based expressive arts therapy, Butoh, Mind and Body psychology and Person Centred Art. The intention of Rehearsal For Change™ is to cultivate an intimate dialogue with your inner resources, by creatively exploring the wisdom of the body and developing an embodied sense of presence in daily life. Classes bridge life and art, reflecting the perspective of person centred learning while educating the whole person. Participants develop a deeper connection between the mind, body and creative imagination gaining tools for new modes of expression, they may expect to observe themselves and move beyond self-imposed limitations which hold them back from being who they really are.
Merle has a skill that wins my deepest respect and admiration.” (John Wright director of the Wright School, England)

Activities include:

Body awareness
Authentic Movement
Dance improvisation
Voice work
Visual art expression
Mask work
Story telling
Creative Writing


Introductory weekend workshops

Ongoing Courses:
3 months / 6 months / Course over 1 Year of 8 meetings.

Bespoke training specific to the requirements of your organisation is also available.

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